Sunday, February 6, 2011

Laptop Stolen

Today is my bad day due to my loves laptop has been stolen from my car about 11.00 am at Kompleks PKNS Bangi , Selangor (Billion Supermarket Car Park). My own Acer priced at RM 5,400 bought 3 years ago with a lot of files , data, photo, personel documents and of course important document was stolen from my car without any traces. The thief may be a professional or I may be as a targeted victims. There is not many cars around the open at parking lot with any body can see my parking car. I only know my laptop was stolen when I reach home after unloading the luggage. I remember 15 year ago when I met a police officer at Kuching Sarawak when many times the thief attacked my belonging . I asked him " How do the thief managed to steal from my house ?" . He said " Sir, you don't have to think how the thief got you.... If you think like him, you also considered has a brain of thief.." .

The worst thing is that the thief are very lucky to steal 2 Laptop from my car without any trace. One is mine and the other one belong to my daughter ( 4 months old laptop). She is very sad due to his homework was almost completed for submission to his college. What a bad day for her. I feel sorry for her what happen today. I think the thief is very happy today but....... He will be punished later by Allah, I can buy a new laptop may be by end of February. Any body would like to recommend me brand new laptop with best quality and reasonable price? Please do so.

I am using the Desktop in my home for continue my blog writing.

Thank You.

M Anem
Lost 2 laptop this today.

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