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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farmers Training in Laos

Sabay dee!

Today I have to deliver lecture at Cosmo Hotel in Vientiane Lao PDR for Training Course in Food Crop Production and Marketing through Group Approach for 2 days. The training organised by ASEAN-Japan Secretariat Cooperation collaborated with Department of Agriculture Malaysia and NAFES Lao PDR for 2 weeks course. Lecture activity conducted in Lao PDR and field trip in Malaysia.

My 1st paper talk about the Preparation and Importance of Business Plan to for 25 farmers from Lao PDR and 5 participants from Malaysia. This lecture for 1.5 hours discussed the relevant topic in Business Plan. My second Paper titled 'Crop Calendar in food production system'. This topic based on popular food crop calendar such as vegetables, Short term crops and few selected fruit tree. My third paper also related for food crop production system that was 'Matrix Production of vegetables for strategic marketing'. This topic took 2 hours lecture and some simple calculation practice. There was a huge question and answer session between participant and me through interpreter Mr Thavinh about farming technology. Among the issue raised were about Plastic Silvershine Technology, Rainshelter Technology, Fertilizer Application (Include Foliar Fertilizer), Trellis System Technology, Soil pH and Popular new vegetables Varieties.

I delivered a talk during the trainning session at Cosmo Hotel. Lao PDR.

The training was conducted by both Lao PDR and Malaysia counterpart to enhance farmers knowledge towards food production system in relation to strategic marketing system. I hope by the end of the course the participants will be able to plan and produce food crop in more efficient manner and commercial approach through group farming.

Kharp Jai.

M Anem
Room 123
Cosmo Hotel
1245 am

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