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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 steps in Public Speaking

Public Speaking is an important component in Agriculture Extension Training and Delivery System. I have 25 years experience in Public Speaking to numerous farmers in many states in Peninsular Malaysia. My technical knowledge is an important factor to be delivered to commercial farmers dealing with food production activities. I delivered lectures in formal classroom, hands-on training program, informal training in many institution and group farming meeting centre in remote area or at modern farms. This article I would like to explain 10 Steps to Better Public Speaking based on my own experience and a formal training on public speaking that I had attended few times.

First as charismatic speakers you must know the feeling of your own and the feeling of the audience. If your mouth dries with no idea from your brain meaning that you are not ready for the presentation of your idea. If your palms moisten and your heartbeat starts pounds in your ears it means that you has no confident in delivering the speech. You will feel like a butterfly swoop and soar in your stomach. Do you know what the cause is?.  You are about to give a speech with high level of competency . Several studies report that public speaking ranks top among people’s fears. Yet, public speaking also affords you the opportunity to promote your brand, your company and yourself. It enables you to expand your circle of influence. More importantly, public speaking remains a powerful communication tool for your strategic business messages. 
Here are 10 steps to help you become a better public speaker.

1) Have something to say.
Sounds simple enough what to say for the audience. I knows that there are too many speakers merely present an encyclopedic reports of facts and figures. He was not able to explain confidently and clearly about the main objective of the speech. If you take a stand than you must be able to express an opinion. Put your facts in context to the audience with audio visual assistance.

2) Use gentle humor.
Some speakers are really 'boring'  due to seriousness and no humor in his presentation. Actually this is not the time to practice your stand-up routine in public speaking. Try to use humorous stories and anecdotes to suit the audience situation awareness. They can evoke smiles that relax your audience and make them more receptive to your message. Do not force yourself with humor if you are not a professional joker.

3) Share your personal experiences.
You have been invited to speak because of your knowledge about a subject that you are mastered. With your knowledge and experiences – both the successes and stumbles, as well as what you’ve learned from each – you have to adds an important human touch. With the ‘bullet’ in your mind and tremendous experience in your field you must able to deliver with confidence and focus.

4) Stay within your allotted time – or even shorter.
On the subject of speech making and involved many audience, An professional speakers like well known Dr Mahathir Mohamad our ex-prime minister once advised, “Be sincere; be brief; be seated.” Your audience will appreciate your consideration of their time. We don't like to hear a prolonged and repeated points on public speaking.

5) Allow your personality to shine.
Everyone has a personal style – especially you as a professional speaker. Allow your manner of speaking to reflect the real you with confident. Are you soft spoken with high degree of audience sensitivity level? Then do not try to imitate any stars like politician speakers or professional motivation speakers. Are you an extrovert with lots of your own identity? Make sure it’s your personality that shines in the limelight in front of audience with confidence!. Stand still to deliver an interesting presentation.

6) Engage your entire body.

Use hand gestures, eye contact and facial expressions to get your point across naturally. Whenever possible, move around the stage from many angle freely. Vary your voice with stage whispers or muted yells and correct tones. Your speech must be more than a dry recitation of facts and opinions with no proper explanation. Effective public speaker is a performance that engages the audience from the beginning to the end. They will appreciate your efforts to keep them entertained.

7) Research your audience.
Why is your subject important to them or to the audience? Some audience may be knows more than you in that particular subject.  How will the issue affect their lives to make them hear your voice?.  Knowing the answer to those questions will enables you to tailor your presentation to the audience’s specific needs after simple research done about your audience including the age, gender, interest, races and many other factors.

8) Understand your goals.
How do you want your audience to feel after your speech
conclusion? Speeches have the power to persuade, inform, inspire, entertain or move your audience to action. Tailor your remarks to meet both your goals and the audience’s. A professional speaker able to feel about the level of audience acceptance level during his lecture with certain indicator. If many of them sleepy, start loss of attention, talking to each other and leaving the groups means that you are losing.

9) Practice, practice, practice.
A best speaker must practice everyday. Whether you use a full written text or talking points or brief notes, rehearse your remarks many times. According to my public speaking lecturer in university,some best speaker may require more than three weeks to prepare an impromptu speech. Do not just read it silently. Speak it aloud in front of mirror during the practice. This gives you the opportunity to time your talk and to change words or phrases that trip you up. As an added bonus: Practice enables you to transform your anxiety into a poised high-energy performance for public speaking. I normally practice with ample time as a basic preparation.

10) Enjoy yourself.
Do not force yourself for public speaking and you must enjoy yourself. Your attitude determines whether public speaking presents stumbling blocks or stepping-stones and that was not good. Have fun if you are representing other speaker in the occasions. The more speaking opportunities you accept, the better you will become. Like any roller coaster ride, public speaking provides both chills and thrills. Climb aboard. The experience is worth the trip.

This article is a simple step to help you to be good speakers. From my own experience ‘EYE CONTACT’, BODY LANGUAGE’, POWERFULL VOICE’ with high confident level are merely tools in public speaking. Always study the audience awareness level to ensure they focus on what you say. The training of public speaking is an important process towards better public speaking personnel.

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