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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Floriculture in Malaysia

Malaysia is a tropical country with agriculture sector play an important role in Gross National Product (GDP). Malaysia with 28.25 million population in 2010 has RM 186,047 million as Gross National Product from various sector. Among agriculture sector , floriculture contribute RM 290 million in 2010 as domestic and export market for cutting flowers, Orchids, Non-Orchids Flowers and other categories. This article discuss about floriculture industry in Malaysia based on various reports, MOA Annual Reports and my own study on this industry.

Total area involved in floriculture industry in Malaysia are 2,421 hectare in 2010 compare to 2005 only 1,780 hectare with a significant increase. Production of cutting flowers or ornamental in 2005 about 135 million increase to 468.1 million in 2010 worth of RM 290 million. About 50% of floriculture production area are located at Johore with 1,361 hectare and produced 225.3 million cut flowers in 2010. Most of the farm are located at Southern Johore especially in Johor Bahru District, Kota Tinggi District, Kulaijaya district and Pontian District. The second largest floriculture production area are are at Pahang (mostly at Cameroon Highland) about 369 hectare and produce 131.1 million cut flowers. Selangor are the third largest floriculture production area with 292 hectare and annual production of 60.3 million cut flower especially located by International Airport such as Subang, Sepang, Petaling and Kuala Langat area.

This industry involved about 735 entrepreneurs with 7,640 workers throughout the country in 2010. A total of 655 entrepreneurs are in Peninsular Malaysia , 50 entrepreneurs from Sabah and 30 entrepreneurs from Sabah. A total of 735 entrepreneurs about 395 run by private company, 320 by small farmers and 20 by Government Linked Company or Government. The private company run 2,421 hectare of production area and individual farmers only 339 hectares in 2010.

A total of 240,600,000 ornamental and floriculture plants are grown in 2010. Most floriculture plants are for domestic and export market. Malaysia produce 468.14 million cut flowers and pot plants in the similar year valued at RM 290.078 million in 2010 compare to only 73.7 million in 2005. Orchids are the most planted commodity counted at 40.7 million plants mostly at Johore and Selangor and produced 173.6 million cut orchids or pots valued at RM 104.1 million. Among popular orchid produce in Malaysia are Noora Alsagoff Pink, Mokara Chak Kuan, Mokara Red, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Pakis (Fern) Orchid, Pataya Beauty White Orchid, Peacock Pink Orchid, Sabine Orchid, Sharifah Fatimah Kuning Orchid, Solidago Golden Rod Orchid, Sonia Born Pink Orchid, Statice Orchid, Sumala Orchid and Wan Chark Kuan Orchid. The farm price range between RM 0.45- RM 0.60 per cutting and the retail price range between RM 1.55- RM 2.05 per unit.

Non-Orchids flower has 129.98 million plants in 2010 with total production of 178.8 million cut flowers or plants pot in 2010. The production area are mainly in Johor. This non-orchids industry produce a value of RM 129.5 million last year. Leaf cutting ornamental counts at 38.7 million plants in 2010 worth of RM 12.1 million. Other ornamental variety are 31.2 million plants contribute RM 44.2 million to this sector. Non-orchid flower include Anne Black, Anthurium Merah (Left Photo) , Aranda Iskandar (Kuning), Beatrice Ng, Bilbi, Lilium Yellow and Red Rose.

Floriculture industry in Malaysia are at a minimum stage and able to increase the volume in future. Private sector plays an important role in floriculture industry especially on production aspect and government should provide more incentives such as basic infrastructure, marketing facilities , tax incentives and others. I hope the future floriculture industry in Malaysia are successful as other agriculture sectors.


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