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Friday, May 28, 2010

Foods Export in Malaysia

Fresh vegetable from TKPM Farm in Johore for domestic and export.

Malaysia was one of the leading nation in food crop export. According to Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Base Industry in 2005 Malaysia import RM 17.73 billion of food produce compare to RM 10.67 billion of food export (Different of RM 7.06 billion). This food import amount increase t0 RM 19.95 billion in 2006 and RM 23.37 billion in 2008 whereby total food produce export amounting RM 11.39 billion (Different of RM 8.58 billion in 2006) and RM 13.76 billion in 2008 (Different of 9.65 billion).

Total oil palm export in 2008 about RM 47.9 billion and the international definition include that palm oil considered Food Product. That means Malaysia is a Net Food Exporter by simple logic calculation (RM 47.9 billion - RM 9.65 billion = Positive RM 38.25 billion!). Malaysia is a nation 'Feeding the World' with palm oil and palm oil product. Other food product exported from Malaysia was Tropical Fruits (RM 487 million in 2008) and vegetable (RM 665 million in 2008).

For Fruits industry, total area planted in 2000 was 315,000 hectare and decrease to 293,000 hectare in 2005 and only 265,000 hectare in 2008. However with the technology improvement and proper management system total fruit production were increase from 1,027,000 mt (2000) to 1,612,000 mt (2005) and 1,598,000 mt (2008). Fruit production also increase from 8.7 mt/ha (2000) to 9.4 mt/ha (2005) and 9.7 mt/ha (2008). My calculation shows that the fruit industry in Malaysia Self Sufficiency Level (SSL) was decrease from 72.1% in 2000 ton only 63.7% in 2008. Malaysia targeted to grow 292,000 hectare in 2020 to produce about 2,570,000 mt of fruits in future.

For vegetable sector about 34,000 hectare was grown in 2000 decrease to only 28,000 hectare in 2008 but the actual production was increase from 505,000 mt to 595,000 mt respectively. The increase in vegetable production due to advance technology adopted and new farming system such as Green House and Intensive Farming. Vegetable production intensity calculated at 8.7 mt/ha (2000), 15.0 mt/ha (2005) to about 12.5 mt/ha in 2008. The vegetable SSL was decrease from about 49.2% in 2000 to only 39.6 % in 2008. Malaysia targeted to grow 38,000 ha in 2020 to produce about 1,658,000 mt of fresh vegetable for the nation in future.

For export goal, Malaysia should focus on selected fruit such as Pineapple, Star fruit/ Carambola, Watermelon, Papaya, Banana and Jackfruit. This fruits are able to be grown in Malaysia with proper technology, selected planting material and clones, selected location and processing activity. Fruit like pineapple, jack fruit and durian are established for processing activity such as minimum process, vacuum fry, quick freeze, depulping techniques and other methods. For future planning may be fruit like durian, rambutan and mangoesteen are able for future development.

For vegetable production ,Malaysia should focus on few vegetable commodities such as Chili, Tomato, Maize and Leafy Vegetables. Chili (Capsicum annum) and Cili Padi (Capsicum frutescens) are focused to grow in future due to large amount of import from Thailand. The production technology and marketing access must properly designed. Post harvest technology and farm certification program should in place so that the consumer able to deliver quality and safe produce.


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