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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cashflow Maize

Maize or Corn (Zea mays) are popular short term crop grown by few farmers in Johore especially for fresh consumption. Johore was the largest fresh maize producers in Malaysia for about 1,560 hectare planted in 2009. Some maize farmers grow for more than 15 years on peat soil such as at Pontian District fo export to Singapore. Only sweet corn are planted in Johore such as TSS Variety, KNY 932, KNY 1345 and some other varieties.

Maize took about 3 months from sowing to harvesting. The KNY 932 are able to produce single cobs per tree compare to KNY 1345 able to produce 2 cobs and few smallcorn for vegetables. Each cob sold at RM 0.40 to RM 0.60 ex-farm. Most buyers are from Night Market operators (60%), Sent to hypermarket (25%) and the balance for Singapore market.

The recent world oil price increase cause few farms inputs higher value especially Chemical Fertilizers, Weedicide, Fungicide and Fuel for pumping system and irrigation. A simple study was done by me and my extension officer at Muar District to study the current status cost of production of maize. Below are the result of my recent study.

Cost of Production one hectare of Maize (Zea mays) at Muar District, JOHOR in 2009.

a. Cash in Flow : RM 4,800.00
Yield (30,000 cobs) x RM 0.16/cobs

b. Total Costs of Production : RM 3,367.32
Cost of Farm Inputs - RM1,671.20
Costs of Labor/Works - RM 1,390.00
Miscellinous Costs - RM 0 (Not included)

c. Farm Net Income : RM 1,432.68
(RM 4,800 - RM 3,367.32)

d. Cost of Production per cobs :
RM 0.11/cobs (RM 4,800 / RM3,367.32)

e. Return to RM 1.00 investment :
RM 1.43 (every RM 1.00 spent given a return RM 1.43)

The report shown that total cost of production about RM 3,367 per ha (Increase about 15% from my study in 2008. If the farmers able to produce 30,000 cobs an with average price of RM 0.16 per cob giving Gross Farm Income RM 4,800.00. Analysis shows that cost of production was RM 0.11 per cobs and every RM 1.00 farmers spent giving back RM 1.43 - means a prfitable business.




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