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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Agriculture Product Standards

Watermelon use Malaysian Agriculture Standards for export.

Agriculture produce in Malaysia has been consumed and some exported to outside market with premium grades and price. The product such as Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Eggs, Palm Oil, Fish and others that produced by farmers yet to meet the domestic and foreign demands. Malaysia produce other agriculture commodities for may years such as rubber, timber, palm oil, cocoa, coconut and many others since colonial era and leading in processed product from palm oil. Nowadays the world market so much different with FOOD SAFETY and FOOD QUALITY as major characteristic in customer requirement. Malaysian Authority has introduced Malaysian Standard in Agriculture and Food Technology by Introducing Malaysian Standard Catalogue 2009.
Agriculture Standard divided to various Category that is :
65.020 Farming and Forestry
65.030 Animal Husbandry Breeding
65.080 Fertilizers
65.100 Agrochemicals and Pesticides
65.120 Animal feeding stuffs
65.150 Fishing and Fish breeding
65.160 Tobacco, Tobacco Product and related equipment

Starfruit exported to Europe in Index 2-3 (Green Sour) as Salad compare to Domestic Consumption in Index 4-5 (Sweet).

Agriculture standards for food technology also important that is:

67.020 Processes in food industry

67.040 Food product in general

67.060 Cereal, pulses and derived product

67.080 Fruits, Vegetables and derived products

67.100 Milks and milks product

67.120.10 Meats and meat product

67.120.20 Poultry and Eggs

67.120.30 Fish and fishery product

67.140.10 Tea

67.200.10 Animal and Vegetable fats and oils

67.200.10 Spices and condiments

67.220.20 Food additives

67.240.10 Sensory Analysis

67.230 Packaged food and prepared food

67.260 Plants and equipment for food industry

Ministry of Agriculture introduced accreditation scheme so that the agriculture produce are safe and high quality for consumer. SALM was introduced by DOA, SALT and VHT by DVS, Malaysia's Best by FAMA, SPLAM by DOF and many Others. Sijil Organic Malaysia (SOM) was recently introduced for Malaysian farmers to apply from DOA. Application forms easily obtained from DOA office or download from .


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