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Friday, November 13, 2009

Cocoa Rehabilitation at Muar

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a popular crop in Malaysia since colonial era but it was less popular in the middle 1980's due to the Cocoa Pod Borer attack (CPB). Previously Department of Agriculture is the main player in the cocoa planting activities for the smallholders sector. Estates sector in comparison active growing cocoa in late 1970's till middle 1980's than but estate management start changing the commodities to palm oil since than. Recently a Malaysian Coaoa Board (MCB) established to develop cocoa development program, research and promotion. Sabah State has a huge hectare of cocoa plantation by Smallholders and Estate sector. This article I write about rehabilitation of cocoa program jointly efforts by DOA and MCB to enhance cocoa plantation under coconut and orchards in my area.

New cocoa mixed clones (KKM/PB/etc) under rehabilitation program at Raub, Pahang.

Rehabilitation of cocoa plantation for smallholders was initiated by MCB and the Department of Agriculture especially under Coconut Planting and Rehabilitation Program by DOA. An area about 500 hectare was targeted in 2009/2010 for rehabilitation of cocoa under coconut. DOA has a coconut rehabilitation program with MATAG inter cropped with banana or other food crop. Johore, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan was among states targeted for this project. For Johor, 3 district involved in this project namely Muar, Batu Pahat and Pontian with an area about 25 hectare for 2009. Under Muar and Ledang District about 12 farmers agreed to follow this project of Cocoa rehabilitation scheme with an area about 8 hectare at Mukim Kesang and Mukim Sg Balang. Farmers will form Group Farming Committee to attain the basic training by DOA/MCB before planting. New clones such as PB1, KKM and other will be introduced to the farmers which more resistance to pests and diseases.

A training program for all extension agent in the respective area was conducted at MCB Station at Jengka Pahang on Jun 2009. MCB shows the new and modified cocoa technology in the station and New management Concept. With new approach rehabilitation program the national cocoa production will increase especially from Peninsular Malaysia. Latest dry cocoa bean with Raub Grade reach RM 8.00/kg which is very good offer today!

M Anem
DOA Muar

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