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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adult Learning in Agricultue Extension

Visit to pineapple farm at Sg Resik, Muar by senior extension agent.

Adult Learning in Agriculture Extension system need to be train to the young Extension Agent. Most farmers in Malaysia aged between 45 - 60 years in average and they mostly are farming at rural areas and categorised as ADULT person. New officers need to learn from seniors about techniques and methodology in delivery extension system. Farmers has been lived in his own world for so many years adapted to available the technology. Any new technology from research institution or university that need introduction through extension agent with experience. The information firstly must be organised in the simplest way so that the farmers easily understood and accept. The extension agriculture extension officers are trained by Subject Matter Officer every alternate weeks. Most of them are given special area or specific commodities to master on extension. Today's farmer are ICT literate so that they able to connect through smart phone, note book or desktop to access to the information. 

Ability of experience extension agent in verbal communication and pursuing old farmers are an ART and unique. Farmers normally hard to believe any new thing if they do not convinced perfectly. As an adult they will HEAR any new technology or new application towards any changes in his farming activity. An example a chemical salesman try to introduce a new product that can control Antracnose Disease in chili production caused by Collectrotricum spp. If an extension that has a close connection with group of farmers and already tested in any Agriculture Station will help the salesman to convince adult farmers.

Adult learning in extension activities that need to introduce to new extension agent include how to respect elders, sympathy and empathy, communication skill, persuasive talk, ability to convince people, salesman technique, how to respect people with ageing, speak loud and soft, method of showing sample, local dialect and locality problem.

Farm visits and extension on coconut at Perak.

M Anem
Senior Agronomist
DOA Muar
Johor, Malaysia.
(Updated 25 January 2015)

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