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Sunday, November 29, 2009

15th Farmers Week, Yangon, Myanmar

Visiting modern paddy farm about 250 acres at site of rehabilitation ownership in summer season.

ASEAN Farmers Week 2009 was conducted in Yangon, Myanmar from 23-27 November 2009 a two yearly event. A total 0f 22 participants from ASEAN country attended 3 days program organised by Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Myanmar (MOAI). The opening and major event was conducted at Main Hall of Ihya Lake Hotel in Yangon. The ceremony was officiated by H.E. U Ohn Myint Deputy Minister of MOAI at the hotel. The first visits was to Agricultural Museum of Myanmar and then to Kandawgyi Park where local agriculture entrepreneur sell agriculture necessity such as Seeds, Chemicals, Ornamental, Fertilizer, Small Machinery and also as a Training ground.

ASEAN Farmers group visit Shwedagon Pagoda - one of the tallest pagoda in Myanmar covered with 7 kg of pure gold built long times ago .

Then the group visited Sein Entreprise Company which reproduce Hybrid Seed from Taiwan Company "Know You Seed" (Famous Subsidiary) with Melon, Cucumber, Watermelon and Vegetables others. The trial plot was also conducted to determine which variety most suitable for local requirement for farmers to grow. Then we visit one interesting new project was Paragon Herbal Orchid farm which growing Jungle/Extinct/Rare species of orchid for medicinal purpose. The orchid stalk was collected after 2-3 years and dried before exported to China as medical herbs. This new product are considered a new potential usage of wild orchid to ensure the extinction similar variety not forgone from the jungle collector. The group then brought to the Shwedagon Pagoda at Yangon City as one of the popular tourist attraction and briefed by Senior Pagoda Official. First day completed with Welcome Dinner at Karaweik Palace Restaurant located on on the Kandaawgyi Lake.

The group at the new ASEAN highway with 6 lane from Yangon to New Administration town at Middle Myanmar competed about 200 km.

The 2nd day we was visited at Bago East Division for the whole days. First stop was 10th Miles Horticulture Station which produce Tropical Fruit such as Mango, Guava, Pomelo, Star Fruit, Banana and many others. This station sell seedling to farmers and it was located aside of East-Highway. The group continue to visit Waw Township Area to see Modern Integrated Farming Project own by Mr U Kyaw Tint that growing paddy (summer / monsoon paddy ) , cabbage, Mungbean, Maize and livestock in an area about 36 hectare with 26 workers. He also own paddy processing plant and produce organic fertilizer. His Farming facilities was modern with semi-mechanised machinery and technical assistance by MOAI.
Visit at maize farm at U Kyaw Tint modern farm about 36 hecter at Waw Township in Bago District.

The group then visit Shwemawdaw Pagoda at Bago City before went to Kanbawazatdi Palace ancient palace before visit VFRDC (Seed production Research Center) which produce new seed and sell to the farmers. The seed they produce are vegetables, Herbs, Maize, cash crops and others. At the mungbeans and maize plot, the research officer explain how the procedure of seed production was established. The 2nd day ended with dinner at Thai Restaurant at Yangon.

Third day we visited Maezali Sluice Gate at Nyaungdone Township in Ayeyawardy Division. The project is to construct a modern structure system so that 43,000 ha of land successfully utilised for farming through out the year with the World Bank grant. Before project and completion of 36 Sluice Gate the area was flooded for half year because the area was below sea level. Last visit was Asia Thar Aquaculture Farm which produce prawn (Rosebeegi spp- Udang Galah), Tilapia, Carp, Rohu, Pacu and others with an area of more than 1.000 acre. The company received Organic Certification Program for export production. One of the farm about 400 acre was severely damaged by Nargis Typhoon and under renovation.

Group Photo in front of Water Sluice Gate at Nyaungdone Township which allow 43,000 acre more agriculture land for farming.

The last day we was brought to visit the Yangon City before Closing Ceremony at Yuzaana Guest House at Yangon at 8.00 pm with General manager of MOAI. All participant received certificate of attendance and given a speech before dinner and wind up the 15th ASEAN Farmers week.

Report by,

M Anem
DOA Muar,Johor
Participant from Malaysia:
a. Mohd Anim Hosnan (Leader)
b. Abu Hassan Saad (Pulau Pinang - Farmers)
c. Sayuti Nor (Kelantan - Farmers)

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