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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Counter Hits

Yesterday on 16 February 2011 my animhosnan. blogspot. com has a new visitor highest hit for the history with 960 pageview visitors! For more than 2 weeks three are an average of 700-750 visitors daily an increase from an average 650 visitors last month. I estimate for this month only up to 750-800 visitors daily but it reach 960 yesterday. The most visited article this year are "Tanaman Keladi with 799 visitors, 'Benih Kelapa MATAG (536)", "Pembiakan Tampang (515)", "Klon BuahPolular Malaysia (499)" and 'Racun Rumpai (463)'. Total numbers of viewers until this article posting are 95,572 with 80,870 are Malaysian, 3,811 Indonesian and 2,606 from USA. Singapore visitor are fourth in ranking with 724 blogger visited and India 593 blogger. This blog has 81 followers mostly from Malaysia.

Thank You.

M Anem

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