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Thursday, September 10, 2009


SMO's and farmers gathered at Pisang Tanduk Farm in Pontian, Johore.
This project impact project mainly to develop GAP system in problem soil.

What is SMO?

SMO is a short form for Subject Matter Officer.

Subject matter Officer is a group of senior and experience officer in their own category to be referred as a source of agriculture technology and teach extension agent.

Agriculture Extension Services in Department of Agriculture Malaysia is an activity to transfer technology from sources to extension agent and later to farmers as main clientele. Farmers ranged from commercial farmers, medium category, small farmers, subsistence farmers and agencies. In delivery system Subject Matter Officer (SMO) in the Technical Branch will teach extension agent every two week in special selected agricultural technology. All SMO has to undergo special training how to gather information and teaching skill. Most of them are graduate and gain focus training to a certain skill.

An annual training program for SMO and Extension Agent conducted at Agriculture Training Center or District Office. SMO has to teach and show hands-on training following Training Cluster (Crop, Agrobase Industry, Farm mechanization, Soil Management, Crop Protection, Enforcement Act etc). The training program organised by District Agriculture Office under SPTP Training Program 6 monthly. Training module by SMO follows Formal Lecture and Hands-On Training.

SMS (Subject Matter Specialist) are much better categories in Extension Service Concept. The SMS's is a specialist in certain field in deep and so all expert. For example in mushroom technology, SMS of mushroom are competent to talk about abalone mushroom and all matters about mushroom such as the economic analysis, diseases, pests, Good Agriculture Practices, Operation costs and others. He must attain professional training and experience in mushroom project or activity for many years.


Mohd Anim

DOA Johor

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