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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Malaysian Giant Prawn

The Malaysian Giant prawn as exotic for local dish .

Malaysian Giant Prawn (Udang Galah - Sepit Biru) or botanical name as Microbrachium rosenbergii found in major Malaysian River as one of the exotic prawn. It sized as maximum to 3 feet in arm length and up to 1.2 kg in weight. Normally local fisherman used manual fishing technique to catch this Malaysian Giant Prawn using traditional "Alat Memancing Udang". I experienced to catch udang galah at Sg Endau River in Mersing, Johor few times. The prawn has maximum size to 1 feet length of the blue arm (Sepit Udang Biru). From my experience catching Udang Galah at Sg Endau was very challenging due to its strength using small boat.

We use small sampan with 5 hp engine boat and has to locate several points to ensure better catch. Normally we use 4 - 6 fishing unit with "Local Cacing"as a bait. The udang Galah is very tricky when we pull out from the water because it must be slowly pulled-up. Upon reached water surface is the most critical part as the prawn hardy trying to escape... so it's all the best experienced in fishing Udang Galah.

The writer with Pak Halim at Sungai Endau, Mersing, Johor to catch Giant Prawn.

The price of Udang Galah ranged from RM 35/kg to RM 50/kg depending on the season and size of the prawn. It is the best to eat if we fry upon catching with better sweet taste. Normally after 20-30 small udang galah in one area its only an get one pieces of Giant Udang Galah. Other place to catch Local Malaysian Giant Prawn (Udang Galah) such as Sg Rompin, Sg Muar, Sg Rembau, Sg Perak, Sg Kuantan and few others. Those who interested to catch Malaysian Udang Galah must read the information about udang galah before try to start fishing!


M Anem

Kaki Pancing.
Endau, Mersing,
Johor, Malaysia.

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