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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Communication in Agriculture Extension

Communication is a basic necessity in agriculture extension activity. What is Communication?..... many people said that communication is very easy and simple that is TALKING ONLY but actually it is more than that. Communication is an art to transfer information from one sources to other target through various means. Information can be sent through various way such as Voices, Sign, Colour, Appearance, Movement, Temperatures, Wave length and other forms. Talking is a communication from one person to another persons is commonly understood about communication through Verbal Communication. Communication can be original ability but mostly can be trained professionally through Communication Skill Training Program. Proper training can improve communication skill with ability to influence people. Good speaker such as Adolf Hitler, Soekarno, Muamar Gadafi, Ahmedinejad is a charismatic born speaker and many people can accept his speech during that era.

For extension agent they need to be excellent in communication skill. He must be able to Speak, Read and Write fluently in their own language or local dialect or medium. they has to meet farmers according to the farm visit schedule and must be able to talk about agriculture technology and wise knowledge in farming activity. Extension agent should be able to translate any issues raises by farmers and provide them with alternatives of solutions. Discussion among farmers and entrepreneurs carried out in positive manner so that the community will benefit equally. Each farmers allowed to throw-out their ideas and give them chance to talk positively. Extension agent than extract all ideas and guide them to a communal accepted solution.. that is an excellent communication skill in extension.

M Anem
Senior Agronomist and 
Communication Speaker.
Extension agent visit Tagal Fishing
project at Ranau Sabah.
(Updated on 15 January 2015)

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