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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Goat Barn at Muar with more than 450 heads.

Integrated Farming is a mix of Crop, Animal husbandry , Aquaculture and Processing of agricultural waste. It will optimise farm resources to a better profitable activities. Farmers need all suitable agriculture knowledge and appropriate technology for integrated farming. The best combination of activities depend on the ability of the farmers to manage the project and location suitability. For crop or animal husbandry combination there was no special location required as per aquaculture project. Aquaculture needs special area with excellent water supply in and out so that the fish cultured able to grow accordingly.

The most common integrated farming in Malaysia today's was rearing cattle or goat under palm oil plantation. The project was implemented by private sector, estate sector, small farmers and other entrepreneurs. The cattle rearing by Guthrie Plantation, SEDC , FELDA Schemes, FELCRA and other plantation seems to be very promising. Total Farm Management system has to be practiced so that the available grass formulated enough for cattle to graze with about 4-6 heads per hectare for matured palm oil plantation. Electric Fencing was used as the control boundary in cattle rearing under palm oil area.

Fish pond with fresh water fish project also integrated with food crop to maximised farm production. Fresh water fish such as Tilapia, Pacu, Carp, Catfish, Rohu, Patin, Ornamental Fish among the best fish in Malaysia. Food crop such as Tapioca, Yam, Lemon Grass, Herbs, Banana, Leafy Vegetables popular to grow around ponds. The Carp Fish suitable for growing grass as their feed. Pellet normally used as commercial feed for fresh water fish in Malaysia.

The ideal integrated farming was a combination of Cattle or Goat with fresh water fish in few ponds surrounded with food crop project. There was a complete feeding cycle between all three categories. The crop harvested and produce leaves and by product utilised for animal feed or fish (Carp).

The introduction of Beneficial Micro-organism (EM) with the usage of commercial inputs will ensure a suitable environment for optimum farm production.

Visit of DOA Official to Banana Farm at Muar.

In Johore about more than 100 integrated farming has been identified with a combination of crop cultivation , goat rearing and aquaculture is common. Mr Ahmad from Kg Pinang Seribu, Muar is one of the farmer deal with goat rearing ( 850 head) with catfish (8 canvas unit) and grown orchard (Banana, Durian, Duku and Guava) earn about RM 2,300/net/month. Department of Agriculture provide extension services to him following Extension SPTP system.

Mohd Anim
DOA, Muar

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