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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Thousand Visitor

Yesterday 29 March 2011 my web of "Anim Agro Technology" on URL reach a new hit by visitors page view when exceeds 1,000 in one day. The actual numbers on 8.00 am this morning was 1,240 visitors in 24 hours and considered the highest hit in a day since June 2009. About 75% of the visitors were Malaysian followed by Indonesian and USA.

Among Popular article since early of this year are 'Benih Kelapa MATAG' with 973 viewers followed by 'Tanaman Keladi' with 842 viewers, 'Popular Fruit Clones in Malaysia' (719 viewers), 'Racun Rumpai' and the 5th was 'Pembiakan Tampang Tumbuhan'. It seems that Malaysian are serious about coconut technology especially on 'Kelapa MATAG'. Most of them try to know the technology and where to but the seedling of MATAG. There are not many genuine seedling of MATAG varieties available today except from United Plantation Estate in Jenderak, Perak and Jorak Agriculture Station, Pagoh, Muar Johor belong to Department of Agriculture Malaysia.

Those who read 'Popular Fruit Clones in Malaysia' able to know the most popular Malaysian Fruit Clones in recent survey. 'Tanaman Keladi' among popular entry searched by viewers since few month ago. This article describe about yam growing technology based on my study last year. There are about 21 local fruit listed in the article with many recomended clones for those who interested in growing fruit tree. Below are to 5 article in my blog : -


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