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Monday, April 12, 2010

Visiting Program

Visiting Program in Agriculture Extension Activity is a system introduced by DOA to ensure transfer of technology to farmers. Training and Visit to farmers by extension agent conducted by 2 weekly organised trip to the specific topic and selected agriculture issue. It may in Agronomy, Technical, Policies, New Technology, Post Harvest, Marketing, Infrastructure, Social or many related issue. Each farmers group will met the extension agent and discuss about possible issue and impact point. The impact point depend on crop calendar and package technology. For example in paddy production technology it follow the Rice Package Technology or Rice Check system. If during the farm visit the paddy growing stage on Tillering Stage and application of chemicals so that the impact point suite the current issue. Extension agent talk about the requirement for farmers training and farm visit on particular technology.

Visiting Agent must appear on the selected site on demand or the selected project that is large scale or commercial or High Impact Project. A group of Senior Technical Advisory Officer or Scientist referred to solve certain issue on Farm or Project site by group. The issue will be examined by the Visiting Group and a number of alternative solution given to the clientele of Entrepreneurs or Dynamic Farmers. The group also provide a written report to the Extension Monthly Meeting chaired by Chief Extension Officer to solve and report the domestic issue.

Farm visit is a routine activity by Visiting Agent by preparing visit schedule monthly or annually. Agriculture Extension Program need a proper planning and monitoring system in any country to improve agriculture sector. Better extension system supported by educated and committed community.

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