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Friday, February 12, 2010

LCC on Paddy

Application of LCC meter to study Nitrogen optimization.

What is Leaf Colour Chart (LCC)?

LCC is an ideal tool to optimise Nitrogen intake based on Paddy Leaf Colour compare to the chart colour. Technically the intensity of green colour paddy leaf related to chlorophyll and Nitrogen content. Two type of equipment to check the leaf colour intensity was CHLOROPHYLL METER and LCC METER. LCC is manufactured in 4 panel LCC and 6 Panel LCC and simple t
o use at very low costs. Crop suitable for LCC Meter was Paddy, Corn, Wheat, Maize and Sugarcane. In Malaysia LCC was introduce to Agriculture Officer or Extension Agents for paddy area by Subject Matter Officer.

Since it was cheap, easy to use and all farmers affordable to buy and use. It helps Officers and Farmers the RIGHT time of Nitrogen application on paddy farm. It measures leaf color intensity that is related to leaf N status. The LC C helps farmers to monitor N on crop status inrespective on N sources whether organic, biological or chemical.


1. First record LCC meter 21 days after transplating (Direct seeding 14 days)
2. Reading LCC period from 1000 hrs to 1600 hrs
3. Last LCC reading on Flowering stage
4. Select 10 tiller randomised paddy with was uniform in growth
5. Select matured top leaf with "Y" shape
6. Compare the leaf color with LCC Meter
7. If leaf color in between 2 indicator - get the reading (eg. 2.5 between 2-3)
8. Alternate the reading in 7 - 10 days duration.
9. If reading more than 50% - apply Nitrogen at 23-30 kg.n/ha

Below is the result:
Below was the factor affect the LCC efficiency.

a. Paddy Variety (MR84, MR 220, MR 219)
b. Intensity of paddy tiller
c. Sunlight effect (More or less sunlight that period)
d. Other nutrient status in the soil
e. agronomic practices
f. Water level and pH

Vietnam reported to use of LCC meter in paddy production widely and estimated about 309,505 unit has been sold to the farmers. Philippines only has 23,858 unit, India (28,662), Thailand (15 unit), Indonesia (15,298 unit) and Malaysia (725 unit). Application of LCC will be more efficient when the farmers follow "RICE CHECK" package technology provide by DOA.

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