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Saturday, November 7, 2015


The story of Doi Chaang Coffee is as rich as the coffee itself. It’s set in a small village located within the Northern Thailand region of the Golden Triangle. It all began when the hill tribe families of the Doi Chang Village united together to create their own coffee company and after 20 years of cultivating and processing coffee, the farmers grew frustrated selling their high quality beans for minimal prices to coffee dealers who would blend them with other inferior coffee beans. Through their own initiative, our families decided it was time to directly offer the unique taste of their own premium, single-estate, organic Arabica coffee. The villagers later and soon established themselves as independent, successful coffee producers, building their own processing plants, drying facilities, and storage warehouses. The coffee is cultivated in small family gardens with everyone committed to maintaining sustainable agriculture and having minimal impact on the natural habitat. All aspects of production are carefully monitored to ensure consistent and optimal taste in every cup of Doi Chaang Coffee. Committed to offering Doi Chaang Coffee as an exclusive single-estate, certified-organic Arabica, the growers approached a small Canadian group of coffee enthusiasts to bring Doi Chaang Coffee into the international market. In recognition of the equal value of their contributions, the growers and the Canadian group established an equal partnership for the international distribution of Doi Chaang Coffee. The growers continue to focus on cultivation, processing and domestic sales, while the Canadian group provides financing, marketing, roasting and distribution for the international market. I manage to visit the Doi Chaang Organic coffee growing and processing activities from 21-22 August 2015 organised by ASEAN. I wrote an article in "Anim Agro Technology" all about Doi Chaang Coffee industry based on website info and my own observation. 


Today, the Doi Chang Village and the surrounding area is home to 8,000 people within eight hundred families, all living and primarily working together to cultivate and produce a premium organic in a single-estate Arabica coffee. They are able to produce 100,000 mt of fresh arabica bean in few years to come. The growing and processing activity are following IFOAM (International Federation Organic Agriculture Movement) with certification from USDA Organic, EUROGAP, Bio Agri Certs, Swiss Water and many other body. The factory only processed certified organic beans with fully wet method techniques to maintain the quality. Rather from teh usage as domestic trade, Doi Chaang Organic coffee distributed all over globe for premium coffee quality. Beyond Fair Trade and under the structure of Doi Chaang Coffee Company, our farmers enjoy a carried position in what is a 50% grower owned, an equal partnership. For Akha Hillside Tribe that is the majority of farming families in Doi Chang Village are of Akha heritage. Rich in culture and tradition, the farmers have no official written language. Today the Doi Chaang Coffee Academy
Using their own resources and initiative, the farmers of Doi Chang Village have built a Coffee Academy to educate coffee farmers in the surrounding region. The building almost completed end of this year during my visits. The latest premium product are called "Wild Civet Coffee". Along with our normal coffee beans being rated in the top 1% worldwide, our Civet coffee is rated as No.1 by coffee reviewers as it was known worldwide. This coffee are selected from the beans eaten by wild civets and processed according to the standards. Wild civets select only best fruits for their foods and release the beans for the farmers to collect.

It is best for us to list what's The Blogger Saids about Doi Chaang Coffee in Malaysia. 

"Not just better, it was a GREAT ice coffee I would say; done with a double shot of espresso! The Latte was somewhat lighter but would appease those who prefer hot coffee."  
This comment look like an expert coffee drinkers. Coffee was second for many people drinks after plane water. Everyday about more than 30 million people drinks coffee for breakfasts.

"Their coffee taste very good... For me, I didn't drink any coffee, but I fell like addicted after drinking their coffee..." 
This comments means that he is a coffee drinker that knows the best of Doi Chaang coffee all about. For me the best to taste real coffee ist not to mixed it with milk or sugar and you will feel the real taste of the coffee and aroma. Please drink coffee without additives.

"This friend of my kept wanting to try this Doi Chaang coffee which I pronounce it as Dong Chang (easier to remember), dragged us along to try and it was closed! Never mind, made another trip specially for this on a Wednesday. I don't mind coz what I had in Chiang Mai was OMG, yummy! So I bet this will be yummy too! Actually barista recommended their signature coffee. It took a while for them to prepare. And when it came. OMG. It looks fabulous. Sip it! and yes, you guessed it right..OMG!! It was so OMGly yummy!"  
This comments look like professionals.

"You may not give it a second glance when you pass by this little coffee joint in The Retail Lab Project at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya but you’ll be surprised to see the crowd during afternoon tea. "  This comments from somebody in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are campaigning for other people to drink coffee in the recommended locations. Those who interested are please to joint the groups.

 "Although I may not have much experience in the coffee industry, this place is a striking place for coffee lovers. On weekends, you are able to savor premium coffees (I don't remember the name though, but its quite expensive) which is freshly brewed and served to you. There are also non-caffeine drinks available here. "  

"Very smooth, and its just nice to drink without sugar, definitely is a good brew."  
This comments are more genuine techniques in drinking coffee. I already practice not to add milk and sugar in coffee. Even though it taste bitter and acidic, you will feel the real taste of coffee afterwards. Learn how to drink coffee in proper manner to gain teh real taste of organic coffee, arabica coffee or robusta coffee. In Malaysia it is more appreciable if you drinks Liberica Coffee our premium local coffee. 

That all the comment from Doi Chaang Coffee lover in Malaysia from their website. Doi Chaang Coffee bring their brands for many Asian coffee lovers to the global. What came in my mind is the coffee contains Caffeine and a very strong smell from Arabica variety. Those who are coffee lovers knows what type of coffee able to satisfy their taste. For me the best coffee to drink is without sugar and milk. Thanks!. 

Infront of the Doi Chaang Resort.
M Anem,
Senior Agronomist,
Wawee Doi Chaang Resorts,
Doi Chaang, Chiang Rai,
(21 August 2015)

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