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Friday, March 12, 2010

TNI and TNA in Extension

TNI and TNA in Extension?

What is it?

TNI or Training Need Indicator is a tool to determine factors or indicators in training program for extension training system. TNA or Training Needs Analysis is a method to analyse the training needs for extension officer or trainer.

In Agriculture Extension System the most important factors for The Extension agent and The Clientele (that was Farmers) to meet in transferring the technologies. Impact point in training requirement gathered during two weekly discussion or meeting during Training & Visiting (T&V) System. Some of the impact point follow the Crop Calendar and Package Technology.

Training need Indicator determined by the Extension Supervisor to check each extension agent ability and competency in extension delivery system. Indicators include the ability of each extension agent to conduct training and the weakness for them to go for training. The training criteria is grouped in different categories such as Motivation, Technical and Management. The Technical Training may categorised by Crops (Vegetables, Fruits, Perennial , Cash Crop, Pests and Diseases, Post Harvest etc).

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is an exercise by supervisors based on information for training need by subordinates. Some extension agent ask to train in Motivation and others ask for Technical Know how. However the actual training requirement will be determined by grouping the list of training program.



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