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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Agro Tunelling the World!

Asalamualaikum wbt
This is my first time to start my BLOG in the blogspot!

I just learn from my daughter....

This is to share my experience in going into the tunnel...

DMZ North-South Korea Border, Korea
The first tunnel was at the DMZ (Demilitterised Zone) between North Korea and South Korea Border in 1993. The International Semaul Undong Training Group was sent there by bys through so many military check point. First we was brifed by Army Personel at the strategic view to North Korea wiith their propaganda. Later we was walk all the way down in the tunnel for more tha one hour walking down. Upon reached to the Underground Border between North-South Korea we was already about 120- 150 feet underground!

The tunnel width and height about 8 feet just enough for one truck and bombing cannon to pass through the border. There was many underground mineral drinking water from the stone. The lighting was there at 10-15 feet distance. I just immagine if there is blackout.... May be co dark and no oxygen. On the way going-up to the ground takes about 3 hours. It was so tiring walking for more tha 100 feet and stopped many times for drink. When we saw the ground level was so happy and feel kind of success being inside KOREAN WAR TUNNEL!

I walked aat the bottom of Korean War Tunnel at North-South Border (>150 feet underground). It was cool, quiet and surprise!

Pyramid Tunnel : EGYPT
I have chance to go Pyramid in Eygpt in 2006 with Dato Mohd Soffian (DG DOA Malaysia) at Giza District.

About 18 of us went into the Pyramid Door using VVIP Pass. Walking and than crawling for 25 minutes before reach the Center of Pyramid. The passage hole is very small and so many stairs. Some stairs very steep and we have to crawl slowly. Inside we fell the oxygen from ....

My Visit to Pyramid in Egypt, My Opinion ;

Mohd Anim at the entrance of Pyramid. At the center of Pyramid, Egypt.

Travel to the Center of Pyramid, EGYPT

First I wonder the making of Pyramid
How Long, How Huge and The technology concern,,,
Than I want to know what is actually inside...
the pyramid, As I has slowly crawling to the center....
It was cool and must be very DARK if there is no electricity.....
When I went out.......... Thanks Allah that I still has enough energy, Try then..
For those never experience.

Vietcong Tunnel, VIETNAM

I has a third chance to go underground tunnel made by Vietcong in May 2009. It was a special trip to the battle area long before. According to the guide there is so many tunnel made by soldiers within the area and some maintain for the tourist. Only me enter the 20 metre deep tunnel.. it was small, dark and cool. The guide use torchlight and inside there is to ensure we are not wrongly enter many other tunnel and junction!...
I nearly miss the correct junction to a deeper tunnel.

When came out... there is a happiest time for me because .. I almost exhausted inside the dark tunnel.

At Vietcong tunnel about 20 meter underground.

I crawling in Vietcong Tunnel by May 2009... I has the similar feeling when I was in the center of Pyramid........... The Vietcong Tunnel is about 20 meter under and very small, dark, deep, scary and what.. We crawl for about 500 meter from gate A to Gate ?? because there are so many junction inside the underground tunnel. With the assistant of tourist guide and torchlight... Feel so happy when we reach the outlet. It was so tired towards tunnel end due to the small size and dark area. Can imagine how they fight during war between them. It was a fruitfull experience during my visit to Vietnam with friends.

Photo: Tiring after 20 mminutes crawling in the tunnel.

English Channel, UK-FRANCE

I has a fourth chance to go underground tunnel made during my Europe Tour from 28 April ti 12 May 2014. This 2 week trips I manage to visit Czech Republic, London UK, Paris, France anda Amsterdam, Holland. I went or Paris from London using EuroStar Train and pass through underground (actuallya undersea) English Channel. This trip among enjoyable trip with countryside beautiful scenery in a very fast train. The tunnel dark, smell of gases and train moving very fast. The fourth tunnel acually halfway in the sleeping mood.

Underground Train in London and Paris

The fifth chance to go underground tunnel made during my Europe Tour from 28 April ti 12 May 2014. This 2 week trips I manage to use underground train in London UK and Paris, France.  

Alat Pembalut Putik Cempedak (APC):

Nama Alat :  Alat Pembalut Putik Cempedak(APC - 2)
Ciptaan : KMK Pertanian Mersing (2000)

Anugerah AIPA 2001 Jabatan Pertanian Malaysiadi Kuala Lumpur.
Front Page Akhbar Utusan Malaysia pada 14 Mac 2000.

Ketua Pasukan : Hj Mohd Anim bin Hosnan
Ahli2 Group : Zahit Hassan, Zani Hussien, Samat Yusof, Azhar , Aziz
Spesifikasi : Full Unit or Half Unit

Harga : RM 100.00 satu Full Set Unit
Contact : Pejabat Pertanian Muar
No 314, Jalan Kamariah, Muar, Johor.
Tel : 06-9522845
Fax : 06-9523800

Inovasi Periskop Burung Pungguk Jelapang Padi (BJP)

Ketua Pasukan : Mohd Anim Hosnan (AO Mersing)

Ahli2 Group: Zahit, Zani, Samad, Hassan, Azhar, Aziz dan Saifulizan

Projek : Periskop BJP Masaalah : Kesukaran melihat keujudan BJP dalam sarang kayu pada ketinggian lebih 20 kaki. Perlu ada alat khas untuk periksa. Alat ini di cipta dan menang anugerah KMK peringkat Jabatan Pertanian Johor dan Malaysia. Menjadi pelopor dalam kajian di sawah endau, Mersing, Johor.

Ciptaan :
Periskop ala-Sub Marine dicipta dan di gunakan di Sawah Endau, Sawah Air Papan, Mersing.
Kos Periskop BJP: RM 40.000/set
Anugerah : Pemenang KMK dan Inovasi Jabatan Pertanian Tahun 1999/2000 dan Ciptaan Jabatan Pertanian Daerah Mersing

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