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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Supply Chain of Vegetables in Malaysia

Fresh vegetables from fertigation project at Muar.
Vegetable production is a continuous activity throughout the years by commercial vegetable growers for domestic and export. About 112,450 hectare area are grown with vegetable annually located at Highland Area (Cameron Highland and Kundasang) and Lowland Area (Johor Bahru, Muar, Perak, Selangor) and other patches area. Farmers produced their vegetable according to the market needs and their matrix calendar production. Highland vegetable such as cabbage, tomato, celery, capsicum, cauliflower and others needs a proper post harvest and transportation system due to the location distance from the farm to the consumer.

Post harvest intervals (PHI) is an important aspect and factor for farmers to follow as Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) to ensure the vegetables are in good quality and safe for consumption. the spraying or usage of pesticide or weedicide must follow the instruction as stated on the Label. Upon harvesting all produce must washed with running water to remove the dirt's and start grading according to quality. The vegetable arranged is rattan basket or plastic basket with proper layering paper to ensure quality. Transportation from the farm to collection center must fast and cooling room required for certain vegetable.

Wholesaler will distribute the fresh vegetable to the selected location and supermarkets or direct to retailer. For supermarket consignment all local suppliers engaged with the hypermarkets has to repacked with tagged price. Supermarket will arrange the vegetable according to variety, quality, pricing, quantity in the fresh food section or bay. The consumer has to properly satisfied with the presentation in supermarket and start buying. Supply Chain Management (SCM) of vegetable from farm to table need a lot of process with challengers .
Post harvest activity is an important factor determine price at the end outlet. Most farmers depend on the middle man to determine and do vegetable produce at farm level. Upon grading completed , most middle man will sent to main wholesalers and later distributed to retailer (eg Hypermarket, Supermarket, Mini Market or Small scale retailers). Product presentation in important and DISPLAY QUALITY is management by retailer operator. Supply chain management in Malaysia considered modern level which a proper system.
M Anem
SCM Student

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